An Imaginary Gallery


The longing to create is embedded in all of us. Since prehistoric artists first drew on cave walls and sat back to see the results in the flickering light of a fire, artists have answered the call to express their deepest perceptions and share their work with the people around them.

The Six Inch Gallery exhibits the work of contemporary artists on the walls of a hand drawn, online  exhibition space, fusing the analog with the digital to create a unique experience. It is a virtual gallery, existing on the web and accessed on your computer, notebook, or smartphone. The gallery was conceived and drawn by Orlando Leibovitz and is a collaborative artwork among Orlando, the artists, and technologists.

Orlando creates the architectural space and the figures that appear in the rooms through hand drawings on six inch square paper. The drawings are then scanned and each artwork is digitally hung on the walls.  The Six Inch Gallery is devoted to offering an individualized viewing of online exhibitions showcasing a variety of contemporary art. The gallery will offer regular shows interweaving the analog with the portable digital experience. The Six Inch Gallery aspires to engage a broad and diverse worldwide audience and to create a place for exploration, stimulation and discussion about contemporary art. Each show becomes part of the permanent collection offering a continuously growing online gallery encounter.

In addition, the Six Inch Gallery’s permanent collection displays Visual Diary, a year of collage/drawings created by Orlando.

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Web Design: Tyger White, Creative Concepts: Lissa Reidel,

Consulting: Ethan Bach and Andrew Elijah Edwards