Sleeptime… Dreams and Nightmares

Created and Curated by Orlando Leibovitz

Dreams and nightmares are a part of our human experience. They reflect the visions, fears and fantasies that live in our hearts, minds and sleeplife. Transcending everyday life, they may be magical, mystical, frightening, bizarre or deeply spiritual. As Jack Kerouac said, “All human beings are also dream beings. Dreaming ties all mankind together.”

Art also transcends the real world, revealing the world of imagination, the unconscious, the ephemeral, the spiritual and the world of our dreams. Like dreams, art depicts another reality, one that is personal, metaphorical, suggestive and open to different interpretations. Both bypass the rational mind, tapping into the subconscious. At the intersection of art and dreams, we find the hidden, dark side of culture, the currents we may prefer to gloss over and even deny. The erotic, the violent, and the subversive find a way to be expressed through art and dreams.

Sleeptime: Dreams and Nightmares  exhibits work about dreams by classic and contemporary artists.

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